Outreach (and other projects)

Beyond scientific work, I've had the wonderful opportunity to be involved in a number of activities that often defy explanation. As such, this page serves as a portfolio of these extra-curricular activities.

Musical Summary of a Talk

  • Composed and performed a song that reenacts a complete online seminar with Q&A, to be used due to the lack of an actual recording of the seminar.

  • BE ADVISED: Might contain out-of-tune singing.

GAIPS 2020 Christmas Carol

  • Wrote a small screenplay for a Christmas video for GAIPS, staring our robots, and helped code the robots' behaviours.

  • Edited the video using the worst possible video editor.

GAIPS 2019 Christmas Card

  • Designed a terrible looking Christmas Card, that was sent from the Robots to all members of GAIPS.

  • Yes, that is a mask of Cristiano Ronaldo. Because why not.

Ciência19 Meeting with ASTRo

  • Ran a small autonomous demo of ASTRo interacting with the attendance of Ciência19, the largest encounter of Portuguese Researchers.

  • Everything worked. ASTRo was happy.

Technology for the Elderly

  • Helped run a couple of demos of social robots for an event organized by "Santa Casa da Misericórdia", the largest Portuguese charity.

  • Had to transport over 30 kgs of heavy equipment through the steep medieval streets of Bairro Alto in Lisbon, Portugal.