Talking Robotics

Talking Robotics is a bi-weekly virtual seminar series that provides visibility and network opportunities for young researchers in robotics and AI, with a total attendance of over 500 participants (since September 2020), from institutions such as MIT (US), Cambridge University (UK), Max-Planck Institute (Germany), EPFL (Switzerland), KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden), amongst others.

Talking Robotics distinguishes itself from other online venues by: i) allowing researchers from any stage in their career to present their work and continue to have visibility; ii) having a dedicated community space where members can interact, fostering networking and synergies opportunities within the Robotics and AI community; iii) providing free high-quality scientific content to the general public by sharing the recorded talks online, for anyone in the world to access it.


  • Co-organizer and Host of Talking Robotics sessions.

  • Art designer and music composer for Talking Robotics.

  • Video producer and manager of the Talking Robotics Youtube channel.

Youtube Mark

Talking Robotics has now over 100 subscribers, and almost 15 hours of scientific content! (March 2021)

Buy me a Coffee

Talking Robotics has opened a "Buy me a Coffee" page to help support our infrastructure costs. (February 2021)

Robohub feature

Talking Robotics was featured in Robohub's website, one of the largest websites on Robotics! (December 2020)