Teaching and Mentoring

In this section you can find information regarding courses I assisted in teaching, as well as regarding some amazing students I mentored.

Computation and Society (AI Ethics)

Spring 2019, 2020

  • Responsible for discussing current ethical issues in Computer Science and AI and evaluating student presentations in the laboratory classes.

Planning, Learning and Intelligent Decision-Making

Fall 2020, 2021

  • Responsible for assisting students with their laboratory projects and questions regarding the course syllabus.

Summer Internships at GAIPS

Summer 2019

  • Responsible for mentoring students with their summer research problem, regarding the use of reinforcement learning in human-robot collaboration tasks.

Students Mentoring

  • Bernardo Esteves (MSc Computer Science, Técnico, University of Lisbon) - Efficient Transfer in Model-based Reinforcement Learning

      • Final Grade: 18/20

  • Fábio Vital (MSc Computer Science, Técnico, University of Lisbon) - Leveraging Multimodal Representations for Robotic Handwriting

      • Final Grade: 18/20